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My approach? In order to give you the best possible advice and to recognize new growth opportunities, it is necessary first to get to know yourself and your company very well. This is what I bring with me: Excellent industry knowledge, a clear focus and innovative opportunities.

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Why count on us to deliver results? Because our alliance is more than just a business. Each member brings something different to the team, but there are a core set of values we all share.

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“In my childhood, I wished to visit a park on the moon.”
We follow up new innovations and technological developments so that we will be able to build a park on the moon!

There is a simple truth: if you believe in what you do, you can achieve great things. That is the reason why we want to help you achieve your goal.

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Are you looking for someone with experience and the right skills to take your project forward?    I will find the perfect solution for you and your goals. Please contact me!

Our Partners

Arima Management Design

Tokyo, Japan

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Arima Management Design is a management consulting company that
strives to solve modern complex management issues. With over 20 years of experience
in the IoT/Embedded industry, Arima Management Design excels at solving
those issues and contributing to future designs of companies and society.

Our Partners


Seoul, Korea

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Digitization, globalization, automation, analytics, and other forces of change will go on accelerating.

The pandemic has vastly intensified the world with more volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous, leading companies into struggles.

Amidst, an agile organization is catching fire distinguished with the combination of velocity- adaptability with stability-efficiency.

Again, how to drive nimble speed and create stability together matters.